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and a little fun.

With a background in the restaurant and service industry, we’re problem solvers who have a lifelong passion for serving people through culinary arts. We love a good meal, and we share that passion with our customers, placing you at the center of the shopping experience.

Whether you’re an at-home chef, an industry professional, or looking for a quick option for a homecooked meal, our market combines restaurant quality products with passionate, knowledgeable staff. With a background in culinary arts, we bring the service and care you’d expect in a restaurant to the grocery shopping experience.

As a one-stop market, we routinely bring in fresh produce and offer a hearty collection of dried goods, beer and wine, and an assortment of cooking accruements to ensure a successful meal. We operate a full-service butcher shop offering a robust selection of meats from regional producers and the freshest seafood around.

Don’t know what to cook for dinner? We make meal options for customers from scratch. Grab and go from our selection of ready-to-grill meals. Or take-and-bake from our curated selection of meals and sides. Add a fresh salad and dessert or ice cream from our deli case, and you’re ready to enjoy dinner, simplified.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or want a quick a quick solution for a healthy home-cooked meal, we take care of the prep so you can enjoy the process.

Meet The Team

Shane Cartularo
Shane’s earliest memories are in a kitchen. His grandfather opened a restaurant in Vermont in the 1970s, paying homage to their Italian roots. Born to cook, at a young age Shane was already concocting family recipes and helping in the kitchen.

Shane describes the kitchen as a second home, and his father took over the restaurant after his grandfather retired. Shane continued in those footsteps after he moved to Bozeman to study at Montana State University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in plant science, focused on sustainable food and bioenergy. He worked in kitchens around Bozeman, including Dave’s Sushi, where he met Cam Holt. The two have adventured into the grocery world by opening Primal Meat & Fish Market. Shane also owns Tarantino’s Pizza in downtown.
Cara Fitzpatrick
Cara loves cooking for people and taps into her childhood dream of opening a store as Primal’s General Manager. She spent 12 years in the culinary world in Big Sky as a chef before joining the Primal crew in Bozeman.

At Primal Market, Cara shares her deep love of culinary arts and knowledge and experience as a chef with her customers. Her true passion is cooking, but she also obtained a degree from New York’s School of Visual Arts before she went on to receive her culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute. She first started working in Montana at a ranch outside Fishtail and fell in love with the mountains.
Grazi Volpiano
At age 17, Grazi started culinary school in Brazil, where she was born and raised. It was a degree that called to her because it gave her the ability to take that craft anywhere. Her first stop was Montana, a place that captured her heart and imagination, and she’s spent the past 20 years as a culinary professional in the region.

Grazi is the executive assistant at Primal, where she does “a little bit of everything,” she describes. Grazi supports the Primal team in bringing a world-class dining experience into the retail world, helping the team from the back of the house to the front. As a working mom, Grazi also knows the importance of simple, nourishing food. She grew up in a family that spent a lot of time in the kitchen crafting meals from fresh ingredients and brings that expertise to the Primal table.
Cam Holt
Cam grew up in North Dakota and Wyoming, landscapes that formed his work ethic. He spent every summer working the land on his uncle’s farm in northeast North Dakota, learning the value of truly hard work. Cam’s other passion is business, and he holds a finance degree from Montana State University. With a dream of owning his own business one day, Cam started behind the bar, working his way through college as a bartender, where he fell in love with the restaurant industry.

Cam also has a passion for real estate, and through the restaurant business he connects with people through their shared love of great food and top-notch service. That same passion has built Primal Meat & Fish Market, centered on his desire to provide exceptional customer service and restaurant-quality products, empowering people who want to cook a thoughtful, restaurant-quality meal at home but want to skip the prep.
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